Paediatric Services

OT@Home is a dedicated Occupational therapy service offering mobile pediatric therapy services at home, childcare, kindergarten or school. We offer therapeutic services in a familiar environment and ensure ongoing support for you and your child. Our services also facilitate the opportunity for family members to learn about what we are doing and how to assist the children to practice the learnt skills in different settings. Our services are usually offered on a weekly/fortnightly basis to allow children enough time to practice the newly learnt skills and achieve the best outcomes.

We are committed to providing comprehensive assessment and support to families so that your child can reach their maximum potential.

We are NDIS registered and Medicare provider for rebates.

OT@Home Occupational Therapists are specialised in:

  • Fine, gross motor, social skills, visual perception and visual motor skills
  • Hand writing skills /pencil grips and table task school activities.
  • Autism spectrum, global developmental delay, learning difficulties, and behavioural issues.
  • Emotion regulation, organisation and time management skills
  • Self-care, daily activities
  • Sensory processing and play skills
  • School readiness programs, attention and concentration skills.
  • Early interventions programs
  • Anxiety and Stress Management


We believe every individual’s learning style is unique. As such, we tailor interventions based on our client’s strengths and interests. This facilitates the opportunity for our clients to build the required skills during activities of their interest. We provide clinical reasoning simply to ensure that family members / carers can understand the importance of practising the required tasks. This guarantees the best therapeutic outcomes for both our clients and their family members.

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